Marketing Is An Infinite Loop

At least it feels that way. It would be awesome if marketing started a couple of weeks before a book launches and ends a couple of weeks after. And if there was some kind of magical formula that would work every time. Sadly, this is not the case. The only formula we know about is this—great book + great cover + great and consistent marketing = better than even chance of making some money.

Here’s another sad truth—lightning-fast changes in the industry and in the media world in general make it hard to stay on top of effective marketing strategies without solid research and lots of trial and error. If you are serious about reaching your goals as an indie author, marketing is critical. You need to spend time (and money) building your presence and fan base, launching your new releases, and maintaining interest in your backlist between books. All of that requires research and consistent content generation outside of your actual writing.

Don’t panic. Self-Publishing Services has a starting place for you. Our simplified marketing plan, tailored for the publishing industry, walks you through the steps to develop a “platform” for yourself as an author and the steps to a successful book launch. And we’re here for you if you have questions or just want a sympathetic ear when your thoughtfully-crafted social media post gets zero likes.

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