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Get your manuscript ready to sell with help from the SPS team. Our publishing services include writing coaching, editing, proofreading, cover design, formatting, uploading, metadata and keyword creation, website design, and marketing.

Our clients include New York Times Bestselling and USA Today Bestselling authors. We've worked on romance, memoirs, sci-fi, literary fiction, children’s books, poetry, chapbooks, inspirational fiction, urban fantasy, westerns, anthologies, self-help guides, young adult, dystopian, new adult, small-business management, fantasy, how-to’s, mystery, women’s fiction, horror, memoirs, thrillers, Christian fiction, dissertations, white papers, historical fiction, and much more.



SPS offers many services for all professional writers, whether you are choosing self-publishing, traditional publishing, or a hybrid.

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Need tips on writing, editing, marketing, managing your business, or just staying sane as a writer? Our blog covers all that and more.

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SPS is excited to partner with Draft2Digital, Apple Books, and Barnes & Noble Press to offer our authors next-level access to the biggest platforms in indie publishing.


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Make Sure You Agree With Our Philosophy

Did you know that when you’re an author, you’re actually a business owner? It’s true. And that’s exciting because it opens up a world of possibilities. We encourage all of our authors to write a business plan. We’re so sure you need one, we’ve created a simplified version to get you started.

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Have you finished your business plan? Great job! That’s an excellent start. But you’re not done. Now it’s time to work on your marketing plan. Yep, you definitely need one of those, too. And not just for when your book comes out. Guess what? We have a marketing plan outline to help you get started.

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Born from the belly of Montana, we pride ourselves on being your friend and advocate during the publishing process.

We are proud to be here for you every step of the way.