About Our Directors


Business Director: Danica Winters

Danica Winters is a Publishers Weekly, Walmart, and Amazon bestselling author who has won lots of awards. You can regularly see her at conferences and publishing events where she will expound on all things publishing. (She is a nerd, but a cool one.)

In addition to making SPS a smooth-operating company, she makes sure it also is comprised of happiness, teamwork and general fun. When she's not at her desk, she makes time for her regular shenanigans and work stuff.  Basically, she is one badass boss lady.

Editorial Director: Clare Wood

Who you gonna call? Clare. Trust us. We do it all the time. She is basically a walking Chicago Manual of Style. With over thirty years in publishing, this lady let's nothing slide. Which is why everyone loves her (and cringes when they get editorial letters from her). She is one whip-cracking, strong woman who loves to see authors grow. 

Marketing Director: Melanie Calahan

Mel is our unicorn. No, really. When she walks into a room, it lights up. She can make any situation a joy (even when we've been working on a project for what seems like years). Melanie has a phenomenal track record within marketing and publishing, but when you meet her you'd never know. Humble and sweet, Mel is one unicorn you will want on your side.

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P.O. Box 8243; Missoula, Montana 59807

Phone number: (406) 209-9953

Email: SelfPublishingServices (at) gmail (dot) com

Yes, this isn't us... We didn't want to change out of our yoga pants just to get all photogenic and stuff.

Yes, this isn't us... We didn't want to change out of our yoga pants just to get all photogenic and stuff.

Our Mission Statement

We are proud to say that Self-Publishing Services LLC is a company owned, built, and run by experienced writers and editors. Together we have over fifty years of experience developing and crafting the written word. We know the ins, the outs, the truths, and the tricks of getting a book to market.

This company began with a simple idea—to give writers all the tools they needed to succeed in creating their best book.

SPS provides competitively priced, royalty-free, à la carte services for authors. We are happy to guide you through the process or let you decide which services you need on your own. Either way, you’ll pay only our fees; we won’t touch your royalties.

We are passionate about our work, the writers we work with, and the books we help develop. As writers ourselves, we understand a book isn’t merely a product, but rather, a form of personal expression that has the ability to change your future.