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Editing Services

Substantive Editing

A substantive editor gets involved once your project is written. SPS helps you get your project close to its final form by suggesting places where rewriting or restructuring would improve clarity, accuracy, or readability.

Starting at: $0.0225 per word for fiction (example: $225 per 10,000 words)


A copy editor looks for consistency and continuity, as well as policing grammar and style. SPS will check each of your sentences for spelling, punctuation, and grammar. If a sentence is hard to understand, we’ll suggest alternatives.

Starting at: $0.0175 per word for fiction (example: $175 per 10,000 words)


A proofreader is a writer’s last line of defense. SPS will review your project after it has been through the design and formatting process, doing a final check for word and design errors.

Starting at: $0.01 per word for fiction writing (example: $100 per 10,000 words)

Please note: for all editing services there is a $150 minimum charge. Nonfiction charges are dependent on material provided.