Your Business Needs a Plan

So you want to be a writer? That’s great! Do you want to make money with your writing, or is it just a hobby? If it’s just a hobby, that’s great, too. Feel free to skip this page. But if your idea is to turn this craft that you love into some cold, hard cash, have a seat. We have some things to tell you.

Authors—those who publish with the hopes of generating some kind of income—are actually business owners. Just like your plumber, your hair stylist, your massage therapist, your therapist therapist, your dentist, and that one guy you went to high school with who turned his obsession with computers into a million-dollar software company, you now belong in the world of entrepreneurs. You need a plan, and to make a plan, you need to do real research and lots of soul-searching. You need numbers and goals and growth strategies.

Sound intimidating? Don’t worry, SPS has you covered. After working with indie authors at all levels, we’ve developed a simplified version of a business plan tailored to the publishing industry. It asks you to consider all the important questions without (hopefully) overwhelming you with business jargon and the need for spreadsheets. (Although, if you want to build spreadsheets, go for it! We do believe in the power of Excel, and one of us just might geek out over pivot tables.)

We at Self-Publishing Services are happy to give you this simplified business plan for authors for free. But we want you to take it seriously, and we want you to have a support system. Building a business isn’t an easy process, but the most successful entrepreneurs are the ones who are willing to do the hard work. They’re also the ones with a solid network behind them. Count us in.

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